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Home Visits (B-3)

Children under the age of three who are receiving special education services are served using a home-based model. This consists of special education service providers working closely with the child's parent(s) and family to facilitate development in a way that fits in with the child's daily routines. Service providers, who can include early childhood special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and hearing or vision specialists, will work with the child and family in the home, providing instruction for both the child and the family. We recognize that a young child will learn more from his or her family than from educators, so to strengthen the entire family's understanding of development and ways to foster growth in the child is very important. Instruction is delivered through play, motor activities, facilitated communication, feeding, music, etc. We try to understand the daily routines of the family, and use those family-based activities to build in opportunities for learning.

Children under the age of three receiving special education services have an Individualized Family Service Plan, which describes areas for student growth and methods for facilitating that growth. Each child has a service coordinator who works closely with the family and service providers to facilitate services.

If you feel that your child may have a developmental delay or disability, please visit the Help Me Grow Minnesota website or contact Carmen Meyer, ECSE Supervisor, at 952-806-8950.
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