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Speech Groups

Children can qualify for special education services in a number of different communication-related areas. These areas include expressive language deficits (inability to express ones needs or ideas), receptive language deficits (inability to understand verbal communication adequately), inappropriate articulation (incorrect production of speech sounds), and disfluency (speech patterns that interfere with intelligibility). Bloomington Schools provides speech therapy for students who demonstrate eligibility and a need for service .

Services at the early childhood level are delivered through small group intervention by a certified and licensed Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP). Students with a variety of needs are typically served in a special education classroom as part of a greater educational program, while students who have communication as their only or primary need area may be served in a speech group. Groups consist of a small number of children with similar needs working with an SLP and a paraprofessional. Each student has his/her own goals and objectives established by the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) team. Communication between the SLP and the child’s parent(s) encourages practice of skills in the home environment.

For more information regarding childhood development, please refer to the Help Me Grow Minnesota website. If you feel your child may have a communication deficit, please contact Carmen Meyer at 952-806-8950.
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