District honors Senior Achievement Award winners

Published on May 01, 2020
Congratulations, seniors! 2020 Senior Achievement Awards

Each year, the district honors the highest achieving seniors from Jefferson and Kennedy high schools who excel in the following categories: 

  • Academic Excellence: Top 10 percent of each class
  • Artistic Excellence: Talent and achievement in literary, performing or visual arts
  • Curricular Excellence: Exemplary performance in a particular academic discipline
  • Leadership: Success in accomplishing goals by motivating and guiding others
  • Volunteerism: Dedication to volunteering in the community and schools

Although this year's recognition event was cancelled, we're incredibly proud of our outstanding Senior Achievement Award winners who have demonstrated talent and hard work in these areas.

Students are nominated for Senior Achievement awards by parents, guardians, teachers and school staff and community members. Nominations are reviewed by each school's selection committee of faculty members and community representatives.