Rebecca Lange portrait

Rebecca Lange

I have been teaching Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) for 22 years. I enjoy biking, disc golf, as well as a variety of other recreation and leisure activities. I enjoy tracking my steps on my fitbit. The most steps that I have taken in 1 day has been over 23,000. I am currently teaching at Oak Grove Middle, and Oak Grove Elementary School.

Oak Grove Elementary
(952) 681-6873
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 681-6732
Educational Services Center


Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
PH1601 5 Pe/Health 6 02 (B) Yes Yes Yes
PH1801 7 Phy Ed 8 03 (A) Yes Yes Yes
PH1701 7 Pe/Health 7 03 (B) Yes Yes Yes
PH1802 7 Health 8 03 (B) Yes Yes Yes
PH1801 8 Phy Ed 8 04 (A) Yes Yes Yes
PH1701 8 Pe/Health 7 04 (B) Yes Yes Yes
PH1802 8 Health 8 04 (B) Yes Yes Yes