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About Southwood

Southwood Center is one of two early childhood centers in the Bloomington School District. We provide services for children birth through age 5, along with their families. Services include:
  • preschool programming for typically developing students and children with disabilities
  • small group instruction for children with develomental delays or disabilities
  • speech groups/therapy
  • fine and gross motor services
  • toddler groups
  • parent services
  • home-based services for children birth to age three
Many of our programs are for students who are eligible for special education programming, while others are for typically developing children and are tuition-based. We provide programming in conjuntion with the Bloomington-Richfield Early Learning Services, and also have programs located at Pond Family and Welcome Center.

For more information on our services, please call 952-806-8900.

If you feel your child may have a developmental delay or disability, please contact Carmen Meyer at 952-806-8950 or visit the Help Me Grow Minnesota website.

Southwood Center Mission Statement

At Southwood Early Childhood Center, we have a team of specialized professionals and para professionals that work alongside families in order to make a difference in the lives of children.  We provide early intervention with high expectations to cultivate positive change and growth in a safe and nurturing learning environment that values and accepts the uniqueness of individuals.

School Board Ambassador

Dick Bergstrom

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